Empire Competition
Based on presentations given at the New York Southeast Asia Network conference held at Pace University in April 2021, Empire Competition examines Southeast Asia and its continuously shifting power dynamics with other countries and with China in particular. Pace faculty Dr. Amy Freedman and Dr. Joseph Tse Hei-Lee are the editors of this peer-reviewed journal.

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Paperback, 2021 264 pages

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Religion and Politics in Southeast Asia: Proceedings of the Conference on Religious and Cultural Drivers and Responses to Political Dynamics in Southeast Asia

Religion and Politics in Southeast Asia comes from a conference held at Pace University on November 8, 2019. The conference, “Religious and Cultural Drivers and Responses to the Political Dynamics in Southeast Asia,” had the goal of reaching across academic disciplines and addressing some of the interesting phenomena occurring at the nexus of religion and politics.

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Paperback, 2020 196 pages

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Aftershock: Rethinking The Future Since 9/11

aftershock-rethinking-the-future-since-9-11Aftershock: Rethinking the Future Since September 11, 2001 is the record of a three-day conference held in Lower Manhattan, September 6 – 8, 2006 at Pace University. Bringing together stellar speakers and informed panelists representing a wide range of constituencies, from first responders to families of those who died at the World Trade Center, the conference explored the economic, cultural, environmental, educational, and political consequences of the attacks.

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Paperback, 2007 254 pages

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Community, Continuity, and Change

community-continuity-and-changeThe essays in this volume explore a number of new topics in the religious, economic, social, and cultural history of Staten Island. They seek to expand upon and enrich the traditional story of the Island’s past by opening up new avenues of historical inquiry and raising key questions about the identity of Staten Island and its complex and contested relationship with Greater Focusing on the last two centuries of Staten Island’s history, the essays examine how major institutions, individuals, and industries have shaped, for better or worse, the public image of Staten Island.

ISBN: 978-0-944473-46-7
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Paperback, 1999 145 pages

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Terrorism And The Psychoanalytic Space – International Perspectives From Ground Zero

terrorism-and-the-psychoanalytic-spaceIn a world that has changed since the horrifying and tragic events of September 11, 2001, there is a sharply felt need for understanding and taming the dark forces of prejudice, ethnic hatred, and violence.  Bringing together a team of international experts, this volume offers a searching consideration of such issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.  It addresses the psychosocial aftermath of terrorism, the impact of war upon children, the effect of terror on the capacity of symbolization, the dilemmas of identity in traumatized populations, destabilization of attachment processes in extreme conditions, and the transmission of unthinkable burdens to the next generation.  Poignant, experience-near, and thoughtful, the various contributions of this book constitute a harmonious gestalt of concern, reparative drive, and wisdom.

ISBN: 978-0-944473-63-4
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Paperback, 2003 185 pages

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