Guidelines for Prospective Journal Editors

Pace University Press publishes scholarly journals in various fields (literature, psychology, performing arts, philosophy of law) and welcomes inquiries about establishing new journals in these or any humanities field.

Each journal is registered as a serial publication with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), and every volume of each journal is also given an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Journals are available for sale directly from Pace UP, through Ingram Book Co., and also from online sellers such as Amazon and Each title’s information and cover image is provided to Bowker’s Books in Print, which disseminates the information to online booksellers. We also make use of Amazon’s “Look Inside the Book” feature to enhance online presence. All titles are published on-demand, which means there is no specific print-run and no going out of print. Currently, journal content is licensed to several academic databases published by H.W. Wilson, ProQuest, and EBSCO.

Pace UP is responsible for design and layout, and for the full production process from submission of final edited copy to bound book. Journals are published only in paperback at a price determined by the Press. Each contributor must sign a publication agreement licensing his/her work to the Press. Rights to use an author’s work in his or her own subsequent publications (e.g. as part of a book or edited volume) revert to the author after initial publication by Pace UP; all other subsidiary rights remain the property of Pace UP (for example, the right to license to database publishers). Permissions fees for copyrighted material are the responsibility of individual authors.

Pace UP undertakes to publish a journal on a regular schedule, to provide proofs to authors and editors in a timely manner, to copyedit text, and to explore all avenues for the dissemination of journal content.

Editors are not remunerated by Pace UP, but are encouraged to seek remuneration or released time from their own institutions.

A New Journal Proposal Should Include the Following:

  • A clear statement of the journal’s mission and scope (See the Journals page on the Pace UP website for examples of brief mission statements)
  • A brief explanation of why the proposed journal would not overlap with or duplicate existing journals in its field
  • A biographical statement describing the editor(s) and giving details of their experience both in the field and as an editor; a CV should accompany this statement
  • A list of potential members of an editorial board, with institutional affiliations
  • A description of the potential market for the proposed journal—this can include specific organizations, societies, professional groups that might be contacted for mailing lists
  • A commitment to a peer-review process with anonymous submissions, timely turnaround of articles, and to submission of fully-edited copy in accordance with mutually agreed deadlines.

New journal proposals should be sent to the Associate Director, Pace University Press, 41 Park Row, New York, NY 10038


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