Comics and Culture, Volume 7, 2022

The Journal of Comics and Culture studies the comic and the rapidly evolving medium
of the graphic novel and its connection to the wider world of popular culture. Original
monographs, research, history, book reviews, and analysis reflect the innovative creative
talents in the field, ground-breaking works, and how comics and the graphic novel both
reflect and inform American culture.

In the past 40 years, comics have moved from occupying a decidedly lowbrow niche at
the margins of pop culture to the center of the popular and critical imagination.
Comics—a catch-all term that encompasses monthly comic books, graphic novels and
web comics—are embedded in, relate to and comment upon other forms of media like
film, painting, and the novel.

ISSN: 2471-1500


Comics and Culture, Volume 6, 2021

Volume 6 features articles about the impact immigration and the Asian diaspora has on comics. This peer-reviewed journal was edited for the first time by Dr. Ioana D. Atanassova.

Editor: Dr. Ioana D. Atanassova
ISBN: 978-1-935625-68-1
2022, Paper
Price: $40

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Comics and Culture Volume 5, 2020

Volume 5 explores the history and current state of the relationship between the US and Franco-Belgian comics markets. 

Editor: Jean-Paul Gabilliet 
2020, Paper
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Comics and Culture Volume 4, 2019

Volume 4 features Antonio De La Garza’s interview of Carl Potts on his forthcoming book, The Flying Column, articles by Steven Thompson, Paul Levitz, and Arie Kaplan, and reviews of comics about World War II in honor of the 75th anniversary.

Editor: Paul Levitz
ISBN: 978-1-935625-43-8
2019, Paper
Price: $40

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Comics and Culture Volume 3, 2018

In this new volume of Journal of Comics and Culture, look for excerpts from Barbara Slate’s You Can Do a Graphic Novel, Michael Uslan and Christopher Maverick on teaching comics, plus a panel discussion featuring Mark Newgarden, Kriota Willberg, Klaus Janson, Phil Jimenez, and Paul Levitz. Also included are reviews of recent books.

Editor: Paul Levitz
ISBN: 978-1-935625-32-2
2018, Paper
Price: $40

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Comics and Culture Volume 2, 2017

The Journal of Comics and Culture studies the comic and graphic novel in conjunction with its impact in and response to popular culture. This journal analyzes and illustrates the growing talents in the field of comics, as well as comics’ origins, impacts, and reflections on American culture as a whole. Volume 2 focuses specifically on the informative theme of Comics in the Margins, featuring articles such as “Autobiography, Documentary, and History in Comics: The Four Immigrants Manga and Citizen 13660” by Lan Dong; and “‘Equally Terrorized’: Rhetorical Irony, Rorty, and In the Shadow of No Towers” by Daniel Lawson. There are several book reviews in volume 2, including Captain Marvel and the Art of Nostalgia by Brian Cremins, and Superman: The Persistence of an American Icon by Ian Gordon. Also included in this volume are short communications revolving around recent monographs, and a review of the 2017 Queers & Comics Conference by Frank Bramlett.

Featured in this volume:

Phil Jimenez

Interviewed by Paul Levitz

Editor: Carol Tilley
Editorial Consultant: Paul Levitz
ISBN: 978-1-935625-24-7
Price: $40

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Comics and Culture Volume 1, 2016

journal-of-comics-and-culture_0The premiere volume of The Journal of Comics and Culture features articles on such diverse subjects as the resistance of the female superhero comic fan, comics and the evolving memory of Vietnam, and transtexuality elements in comic books. In addition, the volume features notes on a comic in progress and book reviews of recent notable comic book scholarship.

Editor: Jonathan Gray
ISBN: 978-0-9619518-5-6
2016, Paper
Price: $40

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