Just Published:
Empire Competition
Fall  2021

NEW YORK, NY – Pace University Press is excited to announce the release of the essay collection, Empire Competition.

Based on presentations given at the New York Southeast Asia Network conference held at Pace University in April 2021, the volume examines Southeast Asia and its continuously shifting power dynamics with other countries and with China in particular.

Pace faculty Dr. Amy Freedman and Dr. Joseph Tse Hei-Lee are the editors of this peer-reviewed journal.

Some essays included in this volume:

“British Colonial Ventures and Recruitment of the Chinese in Southeast Asia from the Late Seventeenth to the Early Nineteenth Centuries,” by Wong Wei Chin

“From Carnal to Post-colonial Unrest: Tracing Sexuality and Diaspora in Singaporean Novelist Yeng Pway Ngon’s Unrest,” by Joan Chiung-huei Chang

For a complete Table of Contents or to place an order, visit press.pace.edu.

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