Just Published:
Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education
Volume 6, Issue 2 Fall  2021

NEW YORK, NY – Pace University Press is excited to announce the release of Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education, Volume 6, Issue 2.

This special issue focuses on the importance of student support systems within public schools. Drawing on several bodies of research, guest editors Dr. Timothy Hanchon and Dr. Kristin Scardamalia emphasize the need for conversations that tackle classroom management.

Some articles included in this volume:

“Transition to Kinderarten; Parental Efficacy and Experiences Durin COVID-19,” by Samira Amirazizi, Emily Edelma, Matthew Quirk, and Erin Dowdy

“Educando a Nuestros Hijos:  Examining Latinx Parental Stress Factors and Parental Engagement in Head Start Preschools,“ by Agustina Bertone, Erin Dowdy, and  Madeline Spiess

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