Just Published:
Lex Naturalis: A Journal of Natural Law
Volume 2, Fall 2016

NEW YORK CITY December 15, 2016Lex Naturalis: A Journal of Natural Law explores the relationship between human nature and non-human nature in natural law theory and how it relates to the papal encyclical Laudato Si’. Included among the six articles are: “Locating Laudato Si’ Along a Catholic Trajectory of Concern for Animals,” by Charles Camosy; “Does Natural Law Dictate Care for the Environment Solely on Human-Centered Grounds?” by Marie George; “The Rational Order of Nature and the Environmental Implications of Natural Law,” by James Jacobs. Three book reviews are also featured, including “Review of Conscience and its Enemies: Confronting the Dogmas of Liberal Secularism by Robert George (Intercollegiate Studies Institute)” reviewed by Matthew Minerd.

In her article, “Anthropocentrism and Integral Ecology in Germain Grisez’s Natural Law,” Jackie Turvey Tait states: “…gestures of generosity, solidarity, and care cannot but well up in us, since we were made for love. The potential to make a positive contribution to building a ‘civilization of love’ with the capacity and resilience to protect human dignity and the environment exists in every heart.”

Lex Naturalis (formerly Vera Lex) began publication in Spring 2015 and intends to serve as a space for the ongoing philosophical and legal discussion of the courses of thinking and action that are called for when one applies natural law theory, whether it be Platonic, Aristotelian, Ciceronian, Thomistic, or Kantian in its orientation, or is a product of more recent twentieth and twenty-first century contributions to the tradition. The journal testifies to the vitality and variety of thought current within that community of intellectuals who cannot and will not separate ethics from the conclusions that have been and still are being drawn from the natural law.

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