Just Published:
Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education
Volume 5, Issue 1 Fall 2020

NEW YORK, NY – Pace University Press today announces the release of Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education, Volume 5, Issue 1.

This issue focuses on children who are deaf and hard of hearing (DHH), and the intervention they receive in early childhood education.
Articles include:

“’Will you help me with my homework?’: A Case Use of Visual Methodologies in Research with (Deaf) Children” by Jennifer S. Hensley presents an analysis of one-on-one and focus group interviews with young deaf children to portray the abstract concept of research and participation.

“’Can a snowman have more than three snowballs?’ Conducting Project Studies with Young Deaf Children” by Christi Batamula, Bobbie Jo Kite Herbold, & Julie Mitchiner recounts three project studies with young deaf children that explore topics that interest children based on curiosity and finding answers through investigation, field trips, and play.

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