Just Published:
Journal of Comics and Culture
Volume 6, Fall  2021

NEW YORK, NY – Pace University Press is proud to announce the release of The Journal of Comics and Culture, Volume 6.

This volume features entries exploring the impact immigration has on comics. From exploring the role of Superman as an immigrant to the planet earth to multiple articles about how the Asian diaspora intersects with superhero identity, JCC Volume 6 has a wealth of information.

This peer-reviewed journal was edited for the first time by Dr. Ioana D. Atanassova. “This issue of the Journal of Comics and Culture is very near and dear to my heart,” she said, drawing on her own experience as an immigrant. She notes that comic and graphic novels play a role in exploring diverse identities, with superheroes reflecting cultural values.

Some articles included in this volume:

“From Invisible to Invincible: Asian American Superheroes in Comics” by Mark R. Martell

“Somewhere in Between: Asian Diaspora, Superhero Comics and Identity,” by Erika Chung

For a complete Table of Contents or to place an order, visit press.pace.edu.

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